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# Instructions for using the Deepracer Gym Environment
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# Deepracer Gym Environment
AWS Deepracer is a service hosted with AWS Robomaker platform. To make it easy for partcipants, we are releasing a gym environment for Deepracer. The simulator runs by starting a Docker container that runs the simulator and using a network connection with ZeroMQ server to provide a Gym interface.
Run these to quickly get started.
# Install docker if needed
sudo snap install docker
# Install the Deepracer Gym Environment
pip install -e ./deepracer-gym
# Start the Deepracer docker container
source deepracer-gym/
# This might take a while to download and start
# Wait until the terminal says "===Waiting for gym client==="
# Open a new terminal
# Run a random actions agent with Deepracer Gym
python deepracer-gym/
# Stop the docker container once done
source deepracer-gym/
# Resources required
We recommend using 3 CPUs and 6 GB or RAM for the simulator.
If you want to reduce these, modify the flags `--cpus="3"` and `--memory="6g"` in ``.
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