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## Train an agent
Training your first agent is super easy with this one line command. It might take a long time though, but you can try it out for a few epochs.
python train --config=SmallMultimodalSkills --LOAD=False
- If you want to change the config for the agent, check out `neural-mmo/projekt/`
- We recommend you to subclass the `CompetitionRound1` class and add your config changes.
- Lot more details about training and the environment are available in the [neural-mmo documentation](
# Define agents that will be used for evaluation.
# Agents need to implement abstract class NeuralMMOAgent.
# Agents will be located in agents/
# Number of opponent agents is exactly 127
file: scripted_baseline_agent
agent_class: BaselineCombatAgent
agent_type: scripted
file: scripted_baseline_agent
agent_class: BaselineForageAgent
agent_type: scripted
num_agents: 50
file: scripted_baseline_agent
agent_class: BaselineCombatAgent
agent_type: scripted
num_agents: 45
file: random_agent
agent_class: RandomNeuralMMOAgent
agent_type: neural
num_agents: 6
file: scripted_baseline_agent
agent_class: BaselineRandomAgent
agent_type: scripted
num_agents: 26
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