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......@@ -43,22 +43,20 @@ cd flatland-challenge-starter-kit
### Test Submission Locally
**NOTE** : Please ensure that you have a redis-server running on localhost.
You can find more instructions on how to run redis [here](
cd flatland-challenge-starter-kit
export IMAGE_NAME="flatland-random-agent"
# Build docker image for your submission
# In a separate tab : run redis server
# In a separate tab : run local grader
flatland-evaluation --tests <path_to_your_tests_directory>
# In a separate tab :
# Finally, run your agent locally by :
export AICROWD_TESTS_FOLDER=<path_to_your_tests_directory>
# or on windows :
# SET AICROWD_TESTS_FOLDER=<path_to_your_tests_directory>
# How do I specify my software runtime ?
......@@ -87,8 +85,8 @@ your already existing code to the required structure for this round.
"challenge_id": "flatland-challenge-2019",
"grader_id": "flatland-challenge-2019",
"challenge_id": "aicrowd_flatland_challenge_2019",
"grader_id": "aicrowd_flatland_challenge_2019",
"authors": ["your-aicrowd-username"],
"description": "sample description about your awesome agent",
"license": "MIT",
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