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Flatland paper baselines

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You can adjust the resource requests of RLlib agents by setting `num_workers`, `num_gpus`, and other configs. See the DEFAULT_CONFIG defined by each agent for more info.

The config of this agent is: {'num_workers': 2, 'num_envs_per_worker': 5, 'num_gpus': 0, 'env_config': {'observation': 'combined', 'observation_config': {'tree': {'max_depth': 2, 'shortest_path_max_depth': 30}, 'localConflict': {'max_depth': 2, 'shortest_path_max_depth': 30, 'n_local': 5}}, 'generator': 'sparse_rail_generator', 'generator_config': 'small_v0', 'resolve_deadlocks': False, 'deadlock_reward': 0, 'density_reward_factor': 0, 'wandb': {'project': 'flatland', 'entity': 'masterscrat', 'tags': ['small_v0', 'tree_and_local_conflict', 'apex']}, 'yaml_config': 'experiments/tests/combined_obs_apex.yaml'}, 'model': {'fcnet_activation': 'relu', 'fcnet_hiddens': [256, 256], 'vf_share_layers': True}, 'callbacks': {'on_episode_end': <function on_episode_end at 0x7f353be70290>}, 'env': 'flatland_sparse'}

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