Commit 905c401b authored by metataro's avatar metataro
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do not check "action_required" but query agents each step (prevent missing...

do not check "action_required" but query agents each step (prevent missing rewards for blocking agents)
parent 546f171e
......@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ class FlatlandRllibWrapper(object):
if agent != '__all__':
if done:
if infos['action_required'][agent] or done: # filter out agents that need no action
o[agent] = obs[agent]
r[agent] = rewards[agent]
# if infos['action_required'][agent] or done:
o[agent] = obs[agent]
r[agent] = rewards[agent]
self._agent_scores[agent] += rewards[agent]
self._agent_steps[agent] += 1
d[agent] = dones[agent]
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