Commit 8aa6ce9b authored by nilabha's avatar nilabha
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removed some unnecessary old methods

parent 8e735d3f
......@@ -119,16 +119,3 @@ class FlatlandRllibWrapper(object):
def close(self):
def save_video(self, video_folders=[]):
all_saved_videos = []
if len(video_folders) > 0:
for _video_folder in video_folders:
print("Finding videos from:",_video_folder)
_video_files = find('*.mp4', _video_folder)
print("Found videos:",_video_files)
if len(_video_files) > 0:
for _video_file in _video_files:
print("Saving video file:",_video_file)
return all_saved_videos
......@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ class FlatlandSparse(MultiAgentEnv):
def step(self, action_dict):
obs, all_rewards, done, info = self._env.step(action_dict)
if done['__all__']:
uploaded_videos = self._env.save_video(self.video_folders)
return obs, all_rewards, done, info
......@@ -141,7 +140,6 @@ class FlatlandSparse(MultiAgentEnv):
Monitor._after_step =_after_step
self._env = Monitor(self._env, folder, resume=True)
print("All Video folders created:",self.video_folders)
return self._env.reset()
def render(self,mode='human'):
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