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To combine multiple observations, instead of directly putting the observation settings under "observation_config", use the names of the observations you want to combine as keys to provide the corresponding observation configs (see example).
An example config is located in "neurips2020-flatland-baselines/baselines/global_density_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml" and can be run with
`python ./ -f baselines/global_density_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml`
An example config is located in "neurips2020-flatland-baselines/baselines/combined_tree_local_conflict_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml" and can be run with
`python ./ -f baselines/combined_tree_local_conflict_obs/sparse_small_apex_maxdepth2_spmaxdepth30.yaml`
### 📦 Implementation Details
......@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ Since this observations is meant as a helper to easily explore combinations of o
### 🔗 Links
* [Ape-X Paper – Distributed Prioritized Experience Replay (Horgan et al.)](
* [W&B report for test run](|-sparse-small_v0--VmlldzoxNTc4MzU)
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