Commit 10c1a21c authored by manuschn's avatar manuschn
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renamed combined obs example config

parent d34e70d2
flatland-sparse-small-density-cnn-apex: flatland-sparse-small-combined-obs-tree-local-conflict-apex:
run: APEX run: APEX
env: flatland_sparse env: flatland_sparse
stop: stop:
...@@ -48,12 +48,15 @@ flatland-sparse-small-density-cnn-apex: ...@@ -48,12 +48,15 @@ flatland-sparse-small-density-cnn-apex:
evaluation_config: evaluation_config:
explore: False explore: False
env_config: env_config:
observation: density observation: combined
observation_config: observation_config:
width: 25 tree:
height: 25 max_depth: 2
max_t: 1000 shortest_path_max_depth: 30
encoding: exp_decay localConflict:
max_depth: 2
shortest_path_max_depth: 30
n_local: 5
regenerate_rail_on_reset: True regenerate_rail_on_reset: True
regenerate_schedule_on_reset: True regenerate_schedule_on_reset: True
render: False render: False
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