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test persistence - added, file name typo in tests fixed

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import numpy as np
from flatland.envs.rail_env import RailEnv
from flatland.envs.rail_generators import rail_from_grid_transition_map
from flatland.envs.line_generators import sparse_line_generator
from flatland.utils.simple_rail import make_simple_rail
from flatland.envs.persistence import RailEnvPersister
def test_load_new():
filename = "test_load_new.pkl"
rail, rail_map, optionals = make_simple_rail()
n_agents = 2
env_initial = RailEnv(width=rail_map.shape[1], height=rail_map.shape[0], rail_generator=rail_from_grid_transition_map(rail, optionals),
line_generator=sparse_line_generator(), number_of_agents=n_agents)
env_initial.reset(False, False)
rails_initial = env_initial.rail.grid
agents_initial = env_initial.agents, filename)
env_loaded, _ = RailEnvPersister.load_new(filename)
rails_loaded = env_loaded.rail.grid
agents_loaded = env_loaded.agents
assert np.all(np.array_equal(rails_initial, rails_loaded))
assert agents_initial == agents_loaded
def main():
if __name__ == "__main__":
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