Commit 34fa9914 authored by Dipam Chakraborty's avatar Dipam Chakraborty
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fix multi speed init test

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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from flatland.envs.rail_generators import sparse_rail_generator, rail_from_grid_
from flatland.envs.line_generators import sparse_line_generator
from flatland.utils.simple_rail import make_simple_rail
from test_utils import ReplayConfig, Replay, run_replay_config, set_penalties_for_replay
from flatland.envs.agent_utils import RailAgentStatus
# Use the sparse_rail_generator to generate feasible network configurations with corresponding tasks
......@@ -49,7 +50,7 @@ class RandomAgent:
def test_multi_speed_init():
env = RailEnv(width=50, height=50,
rail_generator=sparse_rail_generator(seed=2), line_generator=sparse_line_generator(),
# Initialize the agent with the parameters corresponding to the environment and observation_builder
......@@ -62,13 +63,17 @@ def test_multi_speed_init():
# Reset environment and get initial observations for all agents
env.reset(False, False)
for a_idx in range(len(env.agents)):
env.agents[a_idx].position = env.agents[a_idx].initial_position
env.agents[a_idx].status = RailAgentStatus.ACTIVE
# Here you can also further enhance the provided observation by means of normalization
# See training navigation example in the baseline repository
old_pos = []
for i_agent in range(env.get_num_agents()):
env.agents[i_agent].speed_data['speed'] = 1. / (i_agent + 2)
env.agents[i_agent].speed_data['speed'] = 1. / (i_agent + 1)
# Run episode
for step in range(100):
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