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#67 multiple agents

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......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ class TreeObsForRailEnv(ObservationBuilder):
(possible future use: number of other agents in the same direction in this branch)
0 = no agent present same direction
#9: agent in the opposite drection
#9: agent in the opposite direction
n = number of agents present other direction than myself (so conflict)
(possible future use: number of other agents in other direction in this branch, ie. number of conflicts)
0 = no agent present other direction than myself
......@@ -265,18 +265,17 @@ def test_shortest_path_predictor_conflicts(rendering=False):
# check the expectations
# TODO check with Erik, this should be symmetric, should it not?
expected_conflicts_0 = [('F', 'R'), ('F', 'L')]
expected_conflicts_1 = [('F'), ('F', 'L')]
expected_conflicts_0 = [('F','R')]
expected_conflicts_1 = [('F','L')]
_check_expected_conflicts(expected_conflicts_0, obs_builder, tree_0, "agent[0]: ")
_check_expected_conflicts(expected_conflicts_1, obs_builder, tree_1, "agent[1]: ")
def _check_expected_conflicts(expected_conflicts, obs_builder, tree_0, prompt=''):
assert (tree_0[''][7] > 0) == (() in expected_conflicts), "{}[]".format(prompt)
assert (tree_0[''][8] > 0) == (() in expected_conflicts), "{}[]".format(prompt)
for a_1 in obs_builder.tree_explorted_actions_char:
conflict = tree_0[a_1][''][7]
conflict = tree_0[a_1][''][8]
assert (conflict > 0) == ((a_1) in expected_conflicts), "{}[{}]".format(prompt, a_1)
for a_2 in obs_builder.tree_explorted_actions_char:
conflict = tree_0[a_1][a_2][''][7]
conflict = tree_0[a_1][a_2][''][8]
assert (conflict > 0) == ((a_1, a_2) in expected_conflicts), "{}[{}][{}]".format(prompt, a_1, a_2)
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