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......@@ -2,20 +2,14 @@ import numpy as np
import os
import PIL
import shutil
# MICHEL: my own imports
import unittest
import typing
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import Dict, Any, Optional, Set, List, Tuple
from flatland.envs.observations import TreeObsForRailEnv,GlobalObsForRailEnv
from flatland.envs.predictions import ShortestPathPredictorForRailEnv
from flatland.core.grid.grid4_utils import get_new_position
# First of all we import the Flatland rail environment
from flatland.utils.rendertools import RenderTool, AgentRenderVariant
from flatland.envs.agent_utils import EnvAgent
from flatland.envs.step_utils.states import TrainState
from flatland.envs.rail_env import RailEnv, RailEnvActions
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