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# 🖊 Evaluation Criteria
During evaluation [F1 score]( and [Log Loss]( will be used to test the efficiency of the model where,
<img src="*%20%5Cfrac%7Bprecision*recall%7D%7Bprecision&plus;recall%7D"/> </br>
<img src="*%20%5Cfrac%7Bprecision*recall%7D%7Bprecision&plus;recall%7D"/> </br><br>
<img src="\sum_{i=1}^{N}%20y_{i}%20\cdot%20\log(p(y_{i}))&plus;(1-y_{i})%20\cdot%20\log(1-p(y_{i}))"/> <br>
# 🔗 Links
* 💪 Challenge Page: [](
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