Commit 9fbdfecb authored by Eric Hambro's avatar Eric Hambro
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Fix up the ifname in env file.

parent d13f6606
import aicrowd_gym
import numpy as np
from tqdm import trange
from import Iterable
class BatchedEnv:
......@@ -52,23 +52,15 @@ class BatchedEnv:
if __name__ == '__main__':
def nethack_make_fn():
return aicrowd_gym.make('NetHackChallenge-v0',
num_envs = 4
batched_env = BactchedEnv(env_make_fn=nethack_make_fn, num_envs=num_envs)
batched_env = BatchedEnv(
observations = batched_env.batch_reset()
num_actions = batched_env.envs[0].action_space.n
for _ in trange(10000000000000):
for _ in range(50):
actions = np.random.randint(num_actions, size=num_envs)
observations, rewards, dones, infos = batched_env.batch_step(actions)
for done_idx in np.where(dones)[0]:
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