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Delete unnecessary utils.

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import gym
class EarlyTerminationNethack(gym.Wrapper):
To limit the timesteps for "Beginner" agents
We terminate the episode early if
The minimum_score is not achieved without the cuttoff_timesteps
Participants should not edit this file
def __init__(self, env, minimum_score=1000, cutoff_timesteps=50000):
self._minimum_score = minimum_score
self._cuttoff_timesteps = cutoff_timesteps
self._elapsed_steps = None
self._score = None
def step(self, action):
assert self._elapsed_steps is not None, "Cannot call env.step() before calling reset()"
observation, reward, done, info = self.env.step(action)
self._elapsed_steps += 1
self._score += reward
if self._elapsed_steps > self._cuttoff_timesteps and \
self._score < self._minimum_score:
info['Early Termination'] = not done
done = True
return observation, reward, done, info
def reset(self, **kwargs):
self._elapsed_steps = 0
self._score = 0
return self.env.reset(**kwargs)
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