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Make the two references to baselines match and point to the local torchbeast readme

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......@@ -102,7 +102,6 @@ The different files and directories have following meaning:
Finally, **you must specify an AIcrowd submission JSON in `aicrowd.json` to be scored!** See "How do I actually make a submission" below for more details.
**How can I get going with an existing baseline?**
The best current baseline is the torchbeast baseline. Follow the instructions
......@@ -213,7 +212,8 @@ The machine where the submission will run will have following specifications:
Although we are looking to supply this repository with more baselines throughout the first month of the competition, this repository comes with a strong IMPALA-based baseline in the directory `./nethack_baselines/torchbeast`.
More info on how to install, train and submit that repo are available [here](./nethack_baselines/torchbeast/ - along with some suggestions on where to go next!
Follow the instructions [here](/nethack_baselines/torchbeast/) to install and start training the model (there are even some suggestions for improvements).
# How to Test and Debug Locally
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