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Clean up envs directory.

parent 3265daa3
import aicrowd_gym
import nle
def nethack_make_fn():
return aicrowd_gym.make('NetHackChallenge-v0',
\ No newline at end of file
import numpy as np
from tqdm import trange
from import Iterable
from envs.nethack_make_function import nethack_make_fn
class NetHackChallengeBatchedEnv:
def __init__(self, env_make_fn, num_envs=1):
Creates multiple copies of the NetHackChallenge environment
self.num_envs = num_envs
self.envs = [env_make_fn() for _ in range(self.num_envs)]
self.action_space = self.envs[0].action_space
self.observation_space = self.envs[0].observation_space
self.reward_range = self.envs[0].reward_range
def step(self, actions):
Applies each action to each env in the same order as self.envs
Actions should be iterable and have the same length as self.envs
Returns lists of obsevations, rewards, dones, infos
assert isinstance(
actions, Iterable), f"actions with type {type(actions)} is not iterable"
assert len(
actions) == self.num_envs, f"actions has length {len(actions)} which different from num_envs"
observations, rewards, dones, infos = [], [], [], []
for env, a in zip(self.envs, actions):
observation, reward, done, info = env.step(a)
if done:
observation = env.reset()
return observations, rewards, dones, infos
def reset(self):
Resets all the environments in self.envs
observations = [env.reset() for env in self.envs]
return observations
def single_env_reset(self, index):
Resets the env at the index location
observation = self.envs[index].reset()
return observation
def single_env_step(self, index, action):
Resets the env at the index location
observation, reward, done, info = self.envs[index].step(action)
return observation, reward, done, info
if __name__ == '__main__':
num_envs = 4
batched_env = NetHackChallengeBatchedEnv(env_make_fn=nethack_make_fn, num_envs=num_envs)
observations = batched_env.reset()
num_actions = batched_env.action_space.n
for _ in trange(10000000000000):
actions = np.random.randint(num_actions, size=num_envs)
observations, rewards, dones, infos = batched_env.step(actions)
for done_idx in np.where(dones)[0]:
observations[done_idx] = batched_env.single_env_reset(done_idx)
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